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1000 Advisors Strong is the story of how one Canadian firm used internal data to build a firm 1000 strong using a UX plan designed around advisor's data and cognitive psychology.
It's the story of how using secure client data in internal communication drives incentive, efficiency and, as you'll come to see, both AUM and AUA.  
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We help distribution organizations strategize, implement and report in a Robo advisor world. 

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Our purpose

Our mission is to help independent wealth providers to maintain viability in today’s rapidly changing world.  Admittedly, it’s not perhaps the coolest thing we could be doing, but we feel it serves a very noble purpose.    Much of the wealth in western society, and the benefits that it has brought with it, are due to professional advisors.

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perhaps you feel the same way.

Let us organize and deliver it for you.   Financial advisors 

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Building relationships comes second.  Second after advisor positioning and communications.    It's not scalable or sustainable as is without fundamental overhaul.  This has implications on the wealth of our generations and to a degree the stability and vibrancy of our society. Read our Blog Post on Why Traditional Distribution is in Shambles

what really makes a difference?

Making a difference in your community, by helping your community build wealth.  Like a wealthmentor.  This is what builds hope, capability and positivity towards a better future.

Since 1997, FundNet has quietly helped thousands of financial planners, digitally communicate with hundreds of thousands of client’s, delivering millions of pieces of information.  Today we use the world's best software tools on their behalf to do so while delivering up to the minute digital mobile reporting.


In short:  we help Firm management to help with

  • Modern solutions for advisors

  • Integrations within industry standards

  • 'value based approach


Figuring out the right integration strategy for your distribution force.  Over the last 15 years we've done extensive secure  data integrations with many of countries top platforms.


Understanding how new technology released in the past 2 years or rapidly gaining ground will fundamentally change your industry. 


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Using these and other world class tools

We help our financial advisor clients use the world's best software to communicate with their clients and prospects. We help them provide better service, maintain better relationships and deliver better results so that both they and their clients can lead great lives.